06-19-2024 BSAi
Quantum Muse: oil and chrome tacks on panel, 9″ x 11″ x 2.25″, 1.24.2024 BSAi. Exhibiting at 32nd Annual Art Auction, Museum of Northwest Art,  La Conner Wa.

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Techina, July 22-Sept 23 2003 @ the Confluence Twisp
Techina show at Confluence Gallery, Twisp Washington. 2023

Current Painting

2022 BSAi

Portrait for Elise Meitner: 48in x 48in oil, graphite, 23k gold leaf on panel, 6.30.2022BAi >owned Penelope Varn <

B1 | Pre-Techina , oil on wood, 32″x 40″


A little context for my work:

My paintings have always leaned towards portraits with abstract expression to depict the personality and character traits of the subject depicted. While I do use famous people as muses from time to time, the portraits always become “Allusions” to those people, thus the title, “Portrait for…” opposed to “Portrait of…”. 

I have been drawing, printing and painting for over 30 years. In the mid-eighties I received a BFA in drawing and printmaking at the University of the Pacific, under Daniel Kasser. I then moved on to receive an MFA of Printing at Bradley University under the guidance of Master Printer Oscar Gillespie.