Street Decks

These are used skateboard decks. I really like working on used decks because there are so many random, unpurposeful marks and scars. It’s about the energy that the skaters smash and scrape into the wood as they basically use the “literal streets” as a tool to abrade them. I add to these wooden diaries as a way of acknowledging the streets, city life and the times we currently live in.

Medium: wood skateboard deck, with mixed media.

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These deck periodically go up for auction or sale on Ebay or Facebook. Most of the new decks are being created with permanent markers, acrylic, enamel and or spray paint. Note that these works may not be as archival as my fine art oil paintings. Some of these decks have sticker graphics, tar and old varnish under the layers of media that I have added on to the skate decks. I have made attempts to keep these decks from yellowing, pealing, flaking and falling apart. I am letting you know this in advance of purchase because I am not responsible for the aging process of these works and this is reflected in the price. That being said, I love making these and am proud of them.

If you know of any skate shops that have garbage bound decks in the Seattle area, send me an email, dondeleva315 at yahoo.

Got a deck? Let’s talk and I can make one for your collection or gift for a friend.

ddeleva1at Gmail.