Don DeLeva Art: What is Neo-Cubism?

the definition of Neo Cubism is a style of art that has been influenced by Cubism, Surrealism, Futurism and Expressionism, it uses these styles as a metaphor to depict everyday life from the turn of the 21st century until the true birth of Artificial Intelligence. It is concerned with journaling a human interpretation of how we accept, evolve and witness trans-humanism and post-humanism before AI does it for us.

I tend to focus my paintings and prints on portraits. I am really interested in how technologies influence our everyday perspective of ourselves and reality. It is an extremely subtle thing, the eternal existential question of where does physical reality and mental perception meet. Why do we confuse our physical body with our conscious persona ? How would all of our thought, emotion and personal data look as a physical portrait? This is what my art attempts to depict .

It has been a private mission to record my existence in history by using what has already been established in 20th century art and my personal spin on it to create my work.

As Artificial Intelligence crawls off of the electrical binary grid of ones and zeros it will start to begin to create its own view of what humanity is and how it can be used to improve it's own reality. Currently it is starting to be used in the arts. Just look at this article on

<“>Has Artificial Intelligence Given Us the Next Great Art Movement?<”> by Tim Schneider & Naomi Rea, September 25, 2018

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