Abstract Portraits

Deleva's People

"Everyone thinks differently. DeLeva's portraits are of fictional people and their personal perceptions."
Our everyday world is defined by our individual interpretations and definitions of reality. These paintings are portraits of fictional characters who exist in reality and experience real word events from my life and a life I couldn't have experienced. The abstract nature of these characters symbolizes emotions, non-literal thought, time and abstract ideas that make sense only to the individual thinking them.
For example; She War Heels: is about a fictional police woman whose job it was to control the crowd at the 2017 Woman's March in Washington. The painting is an emotional illustration of what I imagined it might have been like to want to protest but have to do ones job.

Deleva uses abstraction and surrealism as tools to build mood and subject that blend together to take portraiture to an unexplainable place that resembles the mind with all its confusing convoluted logic and emotion that builds our personal reality.